New Multiphysics Simulations Using ANSYS Icepak

In order to meet the goal of increased device miniaturization, electronics companies are using various Electro thermal methodologies to optimize the design of electronics components. ANSYS Icepak provides streamlined interface for performing cross-physics simulations for electronic applications. ANSYS Icepak enables a true 360 degree analysis of electronic systems and provides flexibility to connect with other ANSYS tools such as SIwave, Simplorer, HFSS and Apache Sentinel TI.

In this webinar, we will focus on new capabilities of ANSYS Icepak to connect with HFSS and Apache Sentinel-TI.

ANSYS HFSS is leading high frequency electromagnetic analysis and design software. High power high frequency applications can produce a lot of heat dissipation in both metal conductors and dielectrics, adversely affecting operational reliability as well as product robustness. We will discuss how the new 1-way HFSS-to-Icepak data transfer capability enables users to study the thermal aspects of such applications.

Apache Redhawk and Totem are the leading die level electrical design products from ANSYS. Semiconductor dies usually experience temperature dependent leakage current phenomenon. Depending upon the system level thermal and electrical biasing environment, the actual operating temperature distribution in the die may be vastly different from assumptions when it was designed, possibly leading to poor operation or premature failure. We will show how the 2-way connection between Apache Sentinel-TI and Icepak enables a complete electro-thermal analysis across all scales from die level to system level.



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